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Diamonds Body is a growth-oriented company with clear values and principles.

We see our mission as being your specialists in permanent hair removal. Starting small with our own capital, we have been able to expand our concept to multiple locations in Switzerland with motivated and dedicated employees. However, we do not focus on rapid growth but on quality and sustainability. That’s why we only expand our locations using our own resources and finances.

Following the definition that ‘quality is what the customer wants,’ we always adapt to the wishes and needs of our customers. It is through customer satisfaction and referrals that we can take long-term and sustainable responsibility for our customers and employees.

We work with passion and are proud to have established ourselves in the market with a single offering since 2015. In addition, with the founding of the Swiss Aesthetics Association, we were able to share our values and principles with other companies. This was achieved through consistent performance, excellent employees, self-initiative, and courage.

Courage to change what can be changed. Since 2022, the Swiss Aesthetics Association has been accredited and is officially listed as an examination center by the Federal Office of Public Health for V-NISSG in Switzerland. This was achieved through the extensive experience in laser technology at Diamonds Body GmbH. We are authorized to provide theory and practical training on lasers throughout Switzerland.

We have taken a slow but never stagnant approach. I believe that this has led to our success and will continue to make it sustainable. We thrive and flourish in our following mission statement.