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We are a company that always has sustainability at heart. Thus, we represent ethical and moral principles. Sustainability is always in focus for us. We donate sums of money or concrete aids where we deem it appropriate.  We look at sustainability from all angles and it also applies to services, such as their consumption of materials. For example, we have been able to make sustainable changes to our processes.

Here are the main examples of the service:

  • We have been able to reduce our waste to a minimum and do not need more than one 60L waste bag per store per month.
  • Paper for cleaning is only used in the disinfection area. 
  • For superficial cleaning of ultrasound gel, cotton cloths are used, which are reusable after disinfection washing. 
  • We opted for the more expensive option using sustainable wooden spatulas instead of plastic.
  • Laser maintenance was combined with material procurement to reduce CO2 emissions. By having our equipment professionally maintained on a monthly basis, we indirectly save resources by maximizing the life of our equipment.
  • Unnecessary trips by car were eliminated by digitizing monthly financial statements and hourly records.
  • We have introduced bulk ordering for material procurement.

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We regularly donate to the WWF organization and support its worldwide projects.

Donation drone for fawn rescue 

We are also regionally committed to sustainability. We were just allowed to donate a drone in the 4-digit range to the Schwarzenburg / Gantrisch region. This will be used for fawn rescue by means of a thermal imaging camera. The management is also actively involved in the rescue itself. This takes place mainly in the month of May and June. In these months from 05.00 o’clock in the morning until 8.00 o’clock the fields of the agriculture are flown off and the small animals are carried out of the field, so that the fields can be cultivated.

Digitalization Project

Our goal in the area of sustainability for the next few years is the digitization of multiple documents. These documents are primarily intended to be filled out, signed, and securely stored digitally on a tablet. With this measure, we anticipate achieving a further reduction of 60% in our overall paper and printer cartridge consumption.