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Hair removal SHR pulse light with radio frequency

  • Painless and gentle. The ‘In-Motion Method’ slowly heats the tissue and hair follicle. Particularly suitable for dark hair and fair skin.

Hair Removal Diodes Laser with 3 wavelengths

  • Efficient through focused light. With its 3 integrated wavelengths, sustainable results can be achieved for all skin and hair types.

(CE-Med. certified)

  • Highest power and effectiveness. Suitable for all skin and hair types. Used worldwide by doctors, clinics, and dermatologists.

Mechanical lymph drains

  • Lymphatic drainage as body pressure – therapy system helps to improve blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system of the human body. The result is a passive activation of the metabolism. With regular use, the metabolic activity and the detoxification process are supported.

Tooth bleaching

  • With bleachings, Diamonds Body eliminates the discoloration that the tooth brings with it today. Coffee, tea, red wine and other pleasures make the radiant white of our teeth disappear. When bleaching, we bleach your enamel – a simple whitening that has no health side effects.