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No more desire for annoying shaving, waxing or epilation?

Are you tired of your hair and reddened skin?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

With our SHR method, we offer you a painless, gentle and durable solution for hair removal. The “in-motion” method, i.e. a movement technique, removes hair efficiently, even at hard-to-reach parts of the body. With our devices with integrated radio frequency, we can work even more efficiently and tighten the fabric as a positive side effect.

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How is it even possible that I become permanently hair-free?

The SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology was developed as a successor to IPL. By bundling light, energy is generated, which is passed through the hair shaft to the papillary (hair root) with the help of a xenon light. The energy heats the papillary so much that it can be desolate. This process is completely painless.

We have SHR pulse light devices with radio frequency, which with this supplement are even more efficient in the permanent hair removal. Through the pulses of the additional radio frequency, we constantly heat the hair root specifically in the subfat tissue. The more resistance, the better the heat development in the subfat tissue. This results in heating the hair root by the radio frequency. It is thus already heated “from the outside”. If we now release the light pulses of the SHR principle 640 nanometers from “above” to the hair shafts, we come to a double effect. The hair and its root are thus destroyed from “inside” as well as from “outside”. The effectiveness in general, as well as especially for low-pigment or even fluffy hair, is significantly increased by the SHR pulse light methodology with integrated radio frequency. In addition, we have a tightening effect of the fabric!

What do I have to pay attention to before i choose an institute?

Be sure that the institute you choose has trained personnel in anatomy, equipment and lasers. This is usually evident from the certificates that hang on the wall in the business premises. If in doubt, ask to show you these training confirmations.

For your safety, it is very important that the treating studio employs at least one person who has completed training as a laser protection officer in accordance with THE SUVA standard in Switzerland. This person ensures that all guidelines for handling the various lasers are adhered to. The devices should be tested and serviced in Switzerland, in case of doubt. Befor

e treatment, you should be informed about the exact procedures. It is also important that all medical questions are answered. We carry out such investigations in cooperation with Swissmedic. Also make sure that the provider has an insurance partner and what it covers for any damages.

For which skin and hair type is our method suitable?

Our SHR pulse light method with radio frequency is suitable for all skin and hair types. Our staff is fully trained and adjusts the laser values to your needs. This enables us to guarantee our customers a treatment tailored to their skin type. Even with the successful removal of fine or pigment-poor hair, nothing stands in the way.

When can I start and when am I hair-free?

You are completely free to choose from when you want to start a treatment for permanent hair removal.
Make sure we need hair as an energy ladder, so don’t use any other hair removal method like epilation, waxing or the like. You can shave before, during and after the sessions. In compliance with the biological growth phase of our hair, the sessions take place at a distance of at least 4 – 6 weeks.

Only the hairs on the treatment, which are in the anagenic phase. The anagenic phase means that the hair is connected to the hair root and the energy therefore makes it into the papillary, which is to be desolate.

Since this phase repeats within 4 – 8 weeks, you therefore need several sessions to be able to treat all hair. Our customer average is 6 – 10 treatments per body site. Therefore, we kindly ask you to accept and comply with our schedule proposals at the calculated distance. Otherwise, the success of your treatment may be delayed.

How can I make an appointment?

We offer the right time window for a treatment for every need. On the one hand, you can easily and conveniently book an appointment on your own via our online booking. On the other hand, you may still have questions, which we will be happy to answer to you personally by e-mail or by phone. Either way, we also have the corresponding messenger on each portal, through which you can also contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact us. If you are unable to make the booked appointment, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately, since we do not accommodate running customers, these gaps can only rarely be filled. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the course of y
our treatment?

After a warm welcome at the respective treatment location, you will complete the consent form and the medical questions together with a member of staff at the initial consultation. As soon as you are released for treatment after the optical skin and hair analysis, you will clear the body area to be treated. Make yourself comfortable on our adjustable couch and the treatment can start. If the body region is not cleaned, this is taken over by us.

You will then receive laser safety goggles according to SUVA standard, which you may not take during the session under any circumstances. We also wear laser safety goggles during the treatments. Now you will be given an ultrasonic gel and the laser will be started. During the first session, the appropriate settings are determined individually on the basis of test shots.

Once the optimal setting is available, we slide the handpiece over the body area and continuously scan your skin. This to ensure that your tissue heats up and that the treatment is carried out successfully and correctly. After wiping the gel, you can get dressed again and find a new suitable appointment with us. Easy!

What if I am not satisfied after 8 – 10 treatments?

We have solutions for every customer. If you do not have the desired effect after 10 treatment, you can switch to the diode laser at a reduced price. This has 3 combined wavelengths and also desolate above-average deep hair roots. You can read the description of the diode laser. No customer should go home dissatisfied with us.

What else do I have to consider?

Each person responds individually to hair removal. Hormone changes in the body can distort the result.

Please shave cleanly within 24 hours before the session, as every millimetre above the skin surface already absorbs energy that is lost at the hair root! Do not apply makeup before and after a facial.

Basically, there is no redness on the treated parts of the body, do not let yourself be irritated by the biological redness during warming and better blood circulation, these disappear after a few minutes.

If you are unsure, book a non-binding, free consultation.