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Most common questions

How does a treatment work?

After a warm welcome at the respective treatment location, you will complete the consent form and the medical questions together with a member of staff during the initial consultation. As soon as you are released for treatment after the optical skin and hair analysis, you will clear the body area to be treated. Make yourself comfortable on our adjustable couch and the treatment can start. If the body region is not cleaned, this is taken over by us. You will then receive laser safety goggles according to SUVA standard, which you may not take during the session under any circumstances. We also wear laser safety goggles during the treatments. Now you will be given an ultrasonic gel and the laser will be started. During the first session, the appropriate settings are determined individually on the basis of test shots. Once the optimal setting is available, we slide the handpiece over the body area and continuously scan your skin. This to ensure that your tissue heats up and that the treatment is carried out successfully and correctly. After wiping the gel, you can get dressed again and find a new suitable appointment with us.

What do I have to consider?

Each person responds individually to hair removal.
Hormone changes in the body can distort the result.
Please shave cleanly within 24 hours before the session, as every millimetre above the skin surface already absorbs energy that is lost at the hair root!
Do not apply makeup before and after a facial.
Basically, there is no redness on the treated parts of the body, do not let yourself be irritated by the biological redness during warming and better blood circulation, these disappear after a few minutes.
If you are unsure, book a non-binding, free consultation.

What if I am dissatisfied with the result?

We have solutions for every customer. If you do not have the desired effect after 10 treatment, you can switch to the Diode Laser from Alma at a reduced price. This has 3 combined wavelengths and also desolate above-average deep hair roots. You can read the description of the diode laser. No customer should go home dissatisfied with us.